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Department Chair:  Brian Agustin

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Program Description

The high school Science Department provides programs for Earth/Space Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The department provides a program consisting of lecture, discussions, projects, and laboratory experiments. The Science Department also provides a number of opportunities outside the classroom for learning. These opportunities may take the form of outside projects, experiments, and various science competitions offered throughout the year.

General Policies

  1. Every student is required to take two full years of Science in order to graduate from Lake Zurich High School. 
  2. A student in an honors course of study may continue to the next course in the sequence as long as they maintain a “B-” or better and are recommended by their teacher. A grade of “B-” must be maintained to remain in the present honors course of study class.
  3. AP Sciences refers to Advanced Placement Science classes offered in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. These are double period - double credit, college level classes.
  4. A student must meet all the prerequisites for a particular class in order to enroll in it or request a waiver for the class.
  5. The Science Department Chair must approve all exceptions to this policy.


College-Bound Students

College-bound students are strongly recommended to take three or four full years of science classes. Students who aspire to study in scientific-related fields are strongly recommended to take four full years of Science.
For example, a possible sequence could be:
Freshmen- Biology I, Sophomore- Physical Science, Junior- Chemistry, Senior- Physics I.
Students wishing to enroll in a second science should consider the following options: Anatomy, Earth Science, Biology II, or any appropriate A.P. Science for which the student has met the prerequisite.
The Science Department at Lake Zurich High School recommends the following course sequence for those students who are planning an emphasis in the sciences in college or have a strong aptitude in science:
Freshmen - Honors Biology, Sophomores – Honors Physical Science or Honors Chemistry, Juniors - Honors Chemistry or Honors Physics, Seniors – Honors Physics, AP Biology, or AP Chemistry, or AP Physics.


Recommendation For Placement

  1. Based upon prerequisites and teacher recommendations, a student may change from one course of study to another course of study. Straight arrows indicate the prescribed class next in the sequence. It is crucial that a student master the concepts taught in an initial course before enrolling for the next course in the sequence.
  2. Recommendation for placement in any course is based on prerequisites, effort, motivation, and performance. Each teacher monitors these four aspects and considers them in making a recommendation for placement of the student for the following year. The Science Department Chair must approve all exceptions to this policy.
  3. Recommendation for placement of incoming freshmen is determined by separate criteria.
  4. Parents are welcome to contact the Guidance Department for further information about course descriptions or the Science Department Chair for placement. 


LZHS Coursebook & Procedure Manual
Freshman Placement Guidelines

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