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Rental FAQs



Q: How much will it cost to rent the PAC?

A:  This is not a cut and dry question. Just like a wedding reception, that answer depends on what you want, i.e. equipment and time. The biggest factor always ends up being time. Based on the fact that we rent by the hour, the more time you use, the more expensive your event becomes. When you put in a contract for use of the PAC, you will get an accurate cost estimate based on the information provided in the contract. If you go over the time frame you get charged for that extra time. If you don't use all the time, you only get charged for the time you use. 

Q: I am a non-profit organization. What is the cost to use the PAC?

A:  Our pricing works on a Class system as follows:
Class I:     District 95 events
                   Non profit, within District 95 school district boundaries
Class II:    Non-fundraising event
Class III:   All other requests
For more information, please contact the PAC manager.

Q: I want to sell concessions during our show. Can I sell them and how much extra will it cost me?

A:  The sale of concessions is determined on a case-by-case basis. The PAC coordinator needs to approve all sales in the lobby area. It is the renter’s sole responsibility to make sure the food and drink items stay in the lobby, because these items are prohibited inside the PAC. If the sale is approved, there is no extra charge.

Q: How many lighting areas do you normally have?

A:  On average, our rep. plot will have at least 20 to 25 lighting areas hung. We will also have 8 color scrollers, 2 gobo washes, 4 electrics of side lighting, and full set of cyc lights.

Q: What about parking?

A:  We have plenty of free parking in the PAC lot for your patrons.

Q: How long do I have before I have to get my set out of the building?

A:  Everything having to do with your show should be taken out of the building on the last day of your contract. We are not able to store your equipment or sets. In extreme cases special requests can be made to the PAC manager.

Q: How do rentals work during a school day?

A:  Because our faculty park in the PAC parking lot during the school day, PARKING IS A HUGE PROBLEM for daytime rentals. Special arrangements must be made before approval would be granted for such an event. For example, all audience members must arrive at the PAC on buses. NO SINGLE CARS WILL BE PERMITTED. For more information please contact the PAC manager.

Q: What is the billing process?

A:  Within a week of the last day of your event, the PAC Manager will turn in "Actual Hours" to the District 95 Business office. Your final bill will be based on this information. If you used fewer than the estimated hours, your bill will be less than the cost estimate. If you exceeded the estimated hours you will be charge according to the time used. You will be sent a bill that will give you usually about 30 days to pay.

Q: I have never put on a show before. What is the process?

A:  Let us hold your hand through the process. Our PAC manager has well over 20 years of professional theatre experience and can walk you through the process.

Q: When should I apply for my date –or- how do I find out if a date is available?

A:  The LZPAC is a School District 95 facility. Being a district facility, we can only rent from school year to school year: July 1st to June 31st. District 95 has first rights to all dates, and their requests begin in February of the previous school year. Around March 15th we start accepting applications for the next school year.

Q: When advertising, what information should we put on the poster?

A: All advertising should list the location as the Lake Zurich Performing Arts Center (NOT Lake Zurich High School). Please be sure to adhere to this in your advertising, otherwise we get many unnecessary calls at the high school. Besides, doesn’t your production sound more professional at the Lake Zurich Performing Arts Center?!


To schedule a personal tour or for more information about the Lake Zurich Performing Arts Center, please contact:
Marcel Graham
PAC Coordinator and Technical Director


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