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English Department Chair:   Lauren Katzman

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Program Description

The high school English Department provides broad coverage of the texts of English, American and world literature. Through these sequential course offerings, students develop extensive knowledge of literature, progressively develop academic and creative writing skills, as well as enhance their knowledge and use of grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills.

General Policies

1. Every student is required to take four full years of English in order to graduate from Lake Zurich High School.
2. Successful completion of English I, II, III, IV or two .5 semester courses are mandatory requirements for graduation. This fourth year of English may be completed through elective courses offered within the department if taken during the senior year. However, students need to check with the specific college to find out if such elective coursework would be accepted as the fourth year English requirement.
3. If a student fails one level of English I, II, or III, it is mandatory for that student to make up the semester(s) in summer school or to repeat the semester the following school year.

Recommendation For Placement

1. It is strongly advised that students follow their teacher’s recommendation for placement in the next year’s level of English. Teachers are well aware of the requirements and expectations of the various levels. Recommendations for placement are based on the student’s abilities.
2. It is strongly advised that students who move up a level in placement have maintained at least a B+ in both semesters of their previous English course and have the recommendation of the teacher.
3. Students must maintain a “C” average or better if they are to remain in honors level sections.
4. Parents are welcome to contact the teacher or English Department Chair if concern about the recommendation for placement arises.


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