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Mobile Technology Learning Initiative


District 95 administrators and faculty are excited about the continued expansion of our Mobile Learning Initiative.  During the 2014-15 school year, 1,457 students in grades 7 – 12 will utilize an iPad as a tool for learning across all content areas.  In addition, Lake Zurich District 95 teachers believe that when the iPad is used as a tool for learning, students will also acquire the important skills of communicating clearly to a variety of audiences, collaborating with others, and persevering with challenging work.

The iPad will assist students during the learning process in many ways.  Students will:

  • Use video camera, audio recorder and multimedia apps to acquire and curate information
  • Demonstrate and apply their understanding of content in multiple ways, not only through a paper and pencil assessment
  • Communicate in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes and audiences (blogs, discussion threads, formal presentations including multimedia presentations, and formal papers)
  • Publish their learning by creating and saving artifacts for an electronic portfolio


District 95 understands that simply providing students with a new “tool” does not guarantee increased understanding of content or the ability to acquire information, collaborate effectively or communicate clearly and concisely.  The iPad provides us with the opportunity to do these.  Therefore, many District 95 teachers have been continuous learners this summer by attending The iPad Blaster and/or Connecting Curriculum and Technology workshops.  Some have participated in The Connected Educator online course.


Finally, the district has purchased and implemented a learning management system- Canvas- for teachers and students to use.  The Learning Management System provides us with an opportunity to become “paperless” as well as give students 24/7 access to course content and information. In addition, students will have the ability to communicate with one another and receive teacher feedback on their work.  The Learning Management System enhances our ability to support student learning.

Mobile Learning News

Mobile Learning Initiative in Action


In the high school business department, Consumer Education students were given these Essential Questions to guide their learning as they worked toward garnering a deeper understanding of the topics.

What does it mean to be an educated consumer?

How do you make yourself a valuable candidate for a desired career?

How do I select the best investments to maximize the earning potential of my income?

Is credit an asset or a hindrance to financial independence?

What determines value? Why should consumers research information to make an informed purchase?

What should I control or what should I leave to chance?

In answering the question, “How do I select the best investments to maximize the earning potential of my income?”, one student created a video using an iPad app called Explain Everything™. Here are some pictures from the video as the student illustrated her understanding of the concept and recommended stock picks in an animated presentation to share with classmates.


Watch the complete video here.


Seth Paine first grade teachers Kim Tomczyk and Suzanne Weider use mobile learning to help students understand that rocks and soil change over time.

We had previously talked about ways that rocks can change and watched a video from TeacherTube about the difference between erosion and weathering. The children then worked together as partners to find pictures around the room of various rocks.  The pictures each had a QR code that could be scanned. The words “Erosion” or “Weathering” popped up depending on the picture.  The children worked in partnerships to scan each picture and record their findings.


The concepts of erosion and weathering are difficult for first graders.  By working together and scanning the QR codes attached to the color pictures, the children were able to talk with a partner about what they were seeing.  Using the iPads to scan the QR code to find out if the word Erosion or Weathering was attached to the picture, gave the children immediate feedback.

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