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Families in need may make a request of any District 95 staff member.  Typically the school nurse, social worker, principal or assistant principal will be the contact person at the school.
It is incumbent upon the staff member to determine as much as possible the family situation and whether the request is truly a "need", and not merely a "want".

Needs frequently come from families who have ongoing financial struggles.  Other times a sudden disaster creates a need; for example, job loss, medical issues, a house fire, or death of an immediate family member.  Help may be provided from items currently stocked in Joanie's Closet or purchased using funds from Joanie's Closet.  In addition, Joanie's Closet has partnered with many other community resources that can provide various types of assistance including ongoing help with food, larger requests like beds, utility payments, etc.

Joanie's Closet helps families with immediate and real human needs.  It is not the mission of the organization to fully support families nor solve their financial problems.  It is not uncommon to have requests for assistance for the same families more than once.  Provided the need is real this is an understood part of our charter.



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