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Elementary Feature - SmartBoard Learning

The Curriculum Showcase celebrates thoughtful, well designed lessons that are being taught in District 95.  Here we are showcasing what is being taught, how it exemplifies our District 95 mission, and how it ties the curriculum objectives to active learning. Read the summary below the slideshow to learn more.

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Becky Gibson, Jen Lyons, and Kerri Matras
Grade Level, Content Area
Kindergarten, First, and Third;  Math, Reading, and Social Studies
Mission statement traits addressed
These teachers demonstrate continuous learning and collaboration to achieve goals. Within their classrooms students become passionate continuous learners. The use of technology within the curriculum prepares students for the global community of the 21st century.
Local or state objectives addressed:
Kindergarten Math Local Objectives:
  • Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of ordinal numbers one through ten.
First Grade Social Studies Local Objectives:
  • Recognize how the cultural holidays I celebrate are the same and different from those that others’ celebrate.
  • Understand why it is important to know about other cultures.
Third Grade Reading Local or State Objectives:  
  • Apply spelling rules for adding prefixes and suffixes
  • Identify literary elements and techniques in a variety of literary works
  • Identify definitive features of literary forms


Collaboration between three teachers at Isaac Fox with the guidance of a district technology coordinator has led to increased student engagement in their classrooms. Jen Lyons, Kerri Matras, and Becky Gibson have formed a learning team. They meet and collaborate together with Melissa O’Hara on a monthly basis to develop their expertise using the SmartBoard technology in their classrooms.
Their lessons range from kindergarten to third grade and include reading, math, and social studies. They report a difference in the way students learn when technology is used. Becky Gibson describes her lesson, “We are studying the cultures and traditions of different countries and learning about traditions around the world. We are traveling to a different country every day, so each day is a different country.” She explains that she is using a variety of sources including personal photographs, online SmartBoard resources, and guest speakers. The lessons are fast paced and hold the students’ interest. Students get involved and make meaningful connections with the content.
In Jen Lyons’s class, her students are studying, “sequencing as a context for introducing ordinal numbers.” She finds there are many ways to incorporate the SmartBoard technology with the Real Math series. Kindergarten students stretch both their arms and their minds as they reach to sort numbers on the towering Smartboard in the Kindergarten class.
Down the hall in Kerri Matras’s third grade classroom, “Students were taught the main characteristics of literary genres and then explored different genres to better understand literary elements,” explains Matras of her reading lesson. She also uses technology to teach spelling and word analysis. She reports there are many resources available to teachers who use SmartBoard technology in the classroom. Links can be found on the District’s IT page and many more on the internet.
While talking with these three teachers the excitement about the learning process is apparent. They support each other’s learning and encourage each other to try new ideas.


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