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Transportation FAQs

Q: Can my child go home with his/her friend after school to work on a project together?
A: School bus policy does not provide for students to ride home with friends. The bus driver has a roster with the names of the students authorized to ride his/her particular bus. If a student attempts to ride a friend’s bus home, the student will be denied access and told to return to their regular bus or go back into the school and report to the office.
Q: I need a temporary change of bus assignment for my child because of an emergency.
A: Requests for a temporary change will be considered in the following situations: (1) Death in the family, (2) Hospitalization of an immediate family member, (3) Temporary guardian due to absence from home of parent or guardian.
Q: I am moving. How do I notify transportation?
A: As soon as you know you are moving, it is important to notify the school(s) your child(ren) is/are attending. The school personnel will notifyTransportation of the address change.
Q: What happens if I am not able to meet my kindergartener at the bus stop?
A: The Transportation Department requires a “Kindergarten Release Form” to be completed prior to transporting kindergartners. This form provides permission to either release a kindergartner without an adult present or release the child ONLY to the list of people provided by the parent/guardian. If none of the people on your list are present, the bus driver will return your child to the school and the parent/guardian will be contacted to pick them up from school.
Q: I regularly meet my elementary student at his bus stop for discharge but occasionally I am late; will the bus driver wait for me? My child is not a kindergartner.
A: All students other than kindergartners are discharged regardless if an adult is at their stop. If your child is hesitant or fearful to discharge the bus because you are not at the stop, the bus driver will return the student to their school and the parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up their child.
Q: I have a special education student and I have a question about transportation. What should I do?
A: Please call our Transportation Department, we make all arrangements for in district and outplaced students.
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