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General Information

District 95 operates its own fleet of school buses. The fleet operates with the latest safety equipment available to ensure the safety of your child. Transportation is provided for over 6,000 students.

Bus Safety

District 95 buses meet strict safety standards set by State and Federal regulations. All vehicles are equipped with radios and, therefore, are in contact with the Transportation Office at all times. All District 95 school buses are equipped with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher. At least twice a year, students are informed of proper procedure for emergency bus evacuation. Each school bus is required to have a daily pre-trip safety inspection by the driver before the bus run and inspection is required every six months at a state licensed safety lane facility.


Most of the drivers for the district are your neighbors who send or have sent their children and grandchildren to our schools. Our drivers have the following training and qualifications:

  • Initial and annual classroom training by State of Illinois instructors.

  • Random drug and alcohol testing.

  • Criminal background checks by the State of Illinois and FBI (fingerprinted).

  • Annual physical exam.

  • One on one behind the wheel training.

  • Regular district safety meetings.

  • Illinois motor vehicle record reviewed annually.

Accident Procedures

School bus accidents are rare. However, should an accident occur, the police will be called to the accident. If medical treatment is necessary, paramedics are summoned. Radio communication is maintained with the Transportation Office. In addition, the school principal is advised of the situation.

Routing and Stops

District 95 utilizes corner bus stops. Riding times are determined by the distance to school, the number of students on a given route, and the area from which students are transported. Total riding times may vary from route to route.

According to State regulations, student transportation is provided from home to school and school to home only. Transportation will be provided to and from a baby-sitter address provided the address qualifies for transportation to your child’s school. Baby-sitter addresses requested after the initial request will be considered on their individual merits and, if granted, the student will only be assigned to an existing stop. Please have a Alternate Transportation Form on file at the Transportation Office. Only one address will be accepted for transportation purposes. This must be a five-day-a-week, A.M./P.M. arrangement. Alternating between home and sitter addresses on different days of the week is not allowed.

You will be notified at the beginning of the school year of your student’s bus stop and associated stop time. The times listed are estimated. It is expected that students will be at the stop 5 minutes prior to the buses estimated arrival.

Bad Weather Procedures

The decision on whether or not conditions warrant the closing of school is made by 6 a.m. Please remember that during inclement weather, traffic snarls become unavoidable and schedules can be difficult to maintain. If your student is scheduled to take a bus to/from school, please do not drive your child. This increases the traffic congestion on school property and puts the buses even further behind schedule.


If you plan to move, please contact the Transportation Department immediately. The office is open year-round. Also, please notify your child’s school.

How Parents Can Help

Make sure your child arrives at the bus stop five minutes prior to the estimated bus stop time. Explain and review the Community Unit District 95 Code of Conduct and the Transportation Code of Conduct.

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