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Concussion Information & Protocols

Recent and ongoing research provides better recognition of symptoms and diagnosis of concussions, along with advances in the treatment and care of diagnosed concussions in children.

Symptoms of a concussion include:  headaches, foggy/cloudy or slower thinking/processing, short/long term memory loss, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, inability to focus/concentrate, irritability, balance difficulties, and sensitivity to light or noise.  Loss of consciousness does not have to be present to have a concussion.  Symptoms can appear immediately or 12-48 hours after the injury.

Immediately following a head injury or the diagnosis of a concussion, not only should they have physical rest, but physicians prefer the child to limit/avoid any "brain activities" (cognitive rest) for a prescribed amount of time.  For a child, brain activities are described as reading, playing video games, texting, any computer use, watching TV, homework, and school work.  As symptoms resolve, the child can begin to return to small amounts of activity for shortened periods of time, with many breaks to give the brain an opportunity to rest.   This is VERY important for healing - the more immediate and full rest an individual can get, the quicker and better outcome/recovery he or she will experience.

Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95 strives to support students diagnosed with a concussion in accordance with medical professional recommendations and Illinois mandates.  Please refer to this for protocol for guidance should your child be diagnosed with a concussion and during a child's recovery period.  Contact one of the school nurses with any questions.

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