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Research Regulations

Regulations for Conducting Research Projects

Lake Zurich Public Schools desires to keep abreast of changes in educational technology, results of current educational research, and innovative educational programs. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to partner in the development and testing of innovative ideas and quality research in education. However, it is the obligation of CUSD 95 schools and the research committee to protect the interests and learning opportunities of its students, teachers, and stakeholders. These interests and opportunities will not be sacrificed in order to establish a setting conducive to research. Thus, each proposal to conduct research will be examined carefully on the basis of whether it contributes significant new and useful information to the educational program of Community Unit School District 95 and public education as a whole. In general, permission to conduct research may be denied when the study is deemed: (1) to interfere with instructional time, particularly when student responses are required; (2) to be too socially or politically sensitive; (3) to have little or no educational research value; or (4) to be too great of a burden on CUSD 95 personnel.

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