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Research Procedures

Procedures for Conducting Research Projects

Step 1. The researcher completes a written response to the items listed below:
  1. Name, mailing address, and e-mail address of the investigator(s).
  2. Telephone number where the investigator(s) can be reached in the daytime.
  3. Position(s) of the principal researcher(s) [undergraduate student, graduate student, or college professor (specify institution); CUSD 95 employee (specify job and location); other (specify occupation and affiliated institution, if any)].
  4. Name and title of the principal researcher's instructor, major professor, or project director [if applicable].
  5. Title of the proposed study.
  6. Brief description of the proposed study which is not limited to but must include:
    1. an intended purpose for any data (a report, a dissertation, a publication, etc.)
    2. a targeted population (who and how many)
    3. data collection procedures (if requesting current data, a spreadsheet with the desired fields)
    4. an estimated time required by CUSD 95 participants (who and what they are being asked to do)
    5. a statement indicating all data will be kept confidential and that all subjects, teachers, schools,  and the system will be kept anonymous in any publication except when given written permission to mention the system by the research committee
    6. projected value of the study to Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95, if any
  7. Single copies of all questionnaires, surveys, tests, answer sheets, structured interviews, or other instruments that will be used by CUSD 95 participants. Each page needs to contain a statement indicating that all responses are voluntary.
  8. Single copies of cover letters, copies of instructions, parent permission statements (for voluntary student participation).
  9. Approximate proposed times for the beginning and end of the study.
Step 2. Completion of the Affidavit for Use of Student Information – This form, available below, is to be completed by the researcher to demonstrate understanding of federal, state, and professional standards for conducting research and utilizing data. A copy of the notarized affidavit must be completed by the researcher and on file with CUSD 95 prior to access to any district data.
Step 3. The researcher sends the response to the administrative assistant for the Department of Curriculum and Instruction either by email or the postal service:
Jackie Bezak
Curriculum and Instruction, Lake Zurich CUSD 95
400 S. Old Rand Road
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
Email: Jackie.Bezak@lz95.org      
Phone: (847) 540-4954                    
Step 4. The research committee will review all proposals once each month. After the committee meets the researcher will receive one of the following: (a) an approval letter, or (b) a request for information or clarification, or (c) a letter denying permission.
Step 5. After receipt of an approval letter, the researcher may contact the principal(s) of the school(s) where the study will be conducted in order to seek final approval at the school level.

Required Forms

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